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I created this blog in May of 2017 as a creative outlet and a mental health journal. I had started my first business by then, with no clue of the wild ride ahead of me. Along the way, I managed to find purpose in my career, a tribe of #boldbabes to support me in my journey, as well as a platform to tell the world my story. I don’t claim to have it all figured out. I’m playing the ultimate game of fake it til you make it here. I have spent most of my life letting others pen the words to my memoir, now I’m ready to rewrite the script. I have battled with grief, depression, and misdirection and my cures has been to embrace loving life. I’m juggling a lot but I balance it all with a meticulous schedule, kickass workout regime, and tall flute of champagne.

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-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)






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-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)



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