Here’s where it starts: My first class as a Zumba Instructor

My first time teaching Zumba was a great experience for me as a new fitness instructor. Our company received an opportunity to teach in-store demo classes at a popular women’s athletic wear store every Sunday in May. We choose to alternate our signature Core Conditioning class with Zumba. Our Core Conditioning class is a high-intensity interval workout that infuses cardio, kickboxing and strength training. Although, technically the fitness aspect of our company wasn’t my responsibility, mom was not a dancer, so I took over the Zumba training.

I actually completed my B1 instructor course the day before I had to teach. Although, I had put together a routine myself through countless hours of watching others on YouTube, I was unsure if my choreography would be okay. However, it fit the Zumba formula and required only minor tweaks.

The day of the actual class I was anxious. At the time I was a preschool gymnastics instructor, so I was sure no matter how large the mistake it still will not be taunted or laughed at in the uniquely harsh way that toddlers do. I had done my studying and time after time each instructor suggested that relaxation, practice and knowing your music was the key to a successful first class.

There were aspects of the class that were going to be outside of my control, but I guaranteed my attendees a good class by following these tips.

  • Focus on giving your best first impression by looking good. I made sure to wear athletic apparel that was flattering and nonbinding.
  • Talk to everyone that shows up for the class. Establishing a relationship with everyone who came to the class helped everyone be familiar with me as an instructor. It also gave them permission to let loose and make the class fun without worrying about being self-conscious.
  • Smile endlessly through each routine. Land a routine, smile. Misstep, smile. Can’t catch your breath, smile some more.

By completing these tasks before starting my routines I was able to instill confidence in my class and show credibility as a seasoned instructor. I soon found that as I started to warm-up, muscle memory kicked in. I didn’t even have to think of what move came next and by the end of the class everyone was exhausted but raved about my routines.

Completing my first Zumba class made me excited to host more Zumba parties in the future.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)

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