How to cover up a swimsuit of any neckline

When your summers are spent in Texas, you find some pretty creative ways to stay in your swimsuit all day. For the rare times when you actually have to leave your tanning chair and emerge from the chlorine filled waters of your private or community pool, I have crafted this guide to help you cover up even the most unusual of bathing suits.



This loophole top and mid-rise shorts are the perfect cover up for a classic cut bikini. If you have a few errands to run or an impromptu lunch date, you can dress this outfit up or down with accessories.



Choose a nice head wrap to make that pool hair fashionable, don your most comfortable pair of heels and shed the extra layers once you’re done for the day. Classic bikini cuts are easy to cover up because they mimic the neckline of traditional bras. If you’re uncomfortable baring your midsection; try a nonbinding cotton tee.



If one piece suits are your usual trend, then go for a more formal coverup.


The one piece backless suit I’m wearing not only goes great with this slightly transparent cover dress but when paired with the right accessories (like a strappy heel and statement necklace) can be a perfectly acceptable dinner or date ensemble.



One pieces usually come in scoop or v-cut necklines so the neckline of the dress you choose should match that of your suit. It must also be noted that bathroom breaks should he well strategized before choosing your one piece coverup given that your “exit” more than likely will be tied behind your neck and not zipped and buttoned.




Swimsuits with unusual necklines like this caged one, in my opinion, can’t be covered up so taking the traditional “just add bottoms” route is best.


I paired my suit with one of my favorite pairs of joggers. You can also try a high rise linen pant or mid-calf Capri. The theme here is comfort.


These tips are great for planning travel apparel for your summer vacation. Believe it or not, you’re actually required to wear a shirt in some of the restaurants on your resort. Whether you plan to spend your summer by the pool in Dallas, Texas or Tulum, Mexico you can always find a tasteful and appropriate coverup for your favorite summer swimsuits.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)

5 Ways to Stay Productive During a Flight

Transitioning from part time entrepreneurship to a full time lifestyle has been a challenging change of pace. It’s especially difficult when you add a hefty travel schedule to the mix. If you’ve ever wondered how traveling consultants always manage to stay “on” even while traveling, this is a great read for you.

Clean up your social media profiles. According to a study conducted by, as of 2017 every internet user has on average 7.6 social media accounts. With so many profiles to juggle it’s hard to keep consistent information across all platforms at all times. Use this downtime to update vital information such as new jobs, change of location and business emails.

Read that article

When I’m home, I’m often too busy to read a lot of the articles I come across that catch my eye. I always bookmark the sites so that I can catch up during my flights. As a life coach, it is vital that I research in order to give my clients the best results possible. Which means reading articles, books, and blogs about the topics that matters to my student and health coaching clients.

Fill out your agenda. If you for some god awful reason are stuck on a flight with no WiFi; pull out your old school agenda and plan out your month. If you’re like me, your agenda has goal setting and accountability tasks included that you never quite get around to doing. Use your downtime on your flight to finally fill that thing out! Not only will you feel instantly efficient but you’ll actually be able to track your progress to look back on periodically throughout the year.

Take a nap

I know this may not seem like a productive activity to the masses but napping is important and can help you complete tasks thoroughly and efficiently. As a self employed person you’re juggling many hats and most likely barely have enough time to accommodate your current sleep schedule. Take a shot of dream water, put on your eye mask and snooze away sweetheart. You deserve those zzz’s!

Edit photos through the apps on your phone. My favorite photo editing apps are Plann and Unfold. Being that I juggle my Influencer work with my coaching, speaking and writing opportunities; if I’m not careful I can easily fall behind with my posting schedule. I often use my time during flights to edit photos from my camera roll in mass. This cuts down my workload later and allows me to focus on my other endeavors.

What are some ways you stay productive during travel? Comment under the post and give me your best tips.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)

3 Ways to Stay Consistent with Health Goals as a Traveling Freelancer

I’m currently enrolled in an accelerated freelance writing course that teaches amateur writers the tools that seasoned authors use to maintain a successful and consistent career as a free lance writer.

Similar to other online courses and seminars, my program began with a pros and cons list of being a freelancer.
Besides the most obvious negative aspect of non consistent pay; the development of unhealthy practices was a prominent concern that I noticed.

With countless hours in front of a computer screen, and no real reason to leave your home, apartment, or pajama bottoms; being a free lancer is the sedentary career your health teacher warned you about.

Growing up in a health conscious family, and having an education in exercise science doesn’t exactly make you a health nut. I have never attempted whole 30 because I’m absolutely positive my sugar withdrawals would be similar to those of a recovering cocaine addict. I live on a steady wardrobe of spandex, cotton and polyester; and my only motivation to workout is so that I can shimmy my ass into the expensive party dresses I wear out on special occasions.

Those aren’t my only motivations. Maintaining the credibility of being a health and fitness coach is also a concern. However the afore mentioned drivers are the most authentic.

Needless to say, I too struggle with making the best choices for my personal wellness. With a heavy travel schedule, completely remote work load and limited availability of nutritiously dense options while traveling; I have to make conscious decisions to make my health and fitness a priority.


Try some hotel yoga. I wrestle with lower back pain from wild sleeping, fully booked flights, and sleeping away from home. My morning yoga sessions help to relieve the pain associated with my aching spine. These sessions also help me to center myself and focus on the beauty and excitement of the day. Being able to travel the world, complete passion filled work and amplify my voice in the world is a privilege I never want to take for granted. Taking time to honor the moment each morning through yoga provides me with mindful space that is so needed in my day.


Go vegetarian. I practice intuitive eating. Which means that I follow my body’s natural rhythm and listen to my gut (no pun) when it comes to what and how much I can eat. A practice that really helps me to stay on track during the week or while traveling is to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet during the day. I give myself a break at dinner time however I usually end up sticking with a mostly veggie rich meal and lean protein for dinner. I still indulge, however I find that I do so less often when practicing eating intuitively.


Select a hotel with a wellness center. Traveling and vacation seem to go hand in hand. While in a new city, we often want to just forget about our regimes, routines, and schedules. By making sure that there is a fitness facility in whatever hotel we select, I eliminate the excuse of not having anywhere to workout. Working out in an on-site gym is also a nice change in routine with my fitness regime. I usually complete my workouts at home with guided training videos. I detest the pomp, frills and showmanship of the gym crowd so being able to get a great workout at home is really important to me. However, it is nice to mix up my body weight training with weights at the gym. Also being able to use the elliptical for cardio days is priceless when I have back to back coaching sessions scheduled but still need to squeeze in a quick workout. But the best part about training in a hotel gym is that it is almost always empty. With most hotel guests in vacation mode, and not concerned with days off from their wellness routines, hotel fitness accommodations are hardly ever utilized.

Dedicating space in your schedule for health and fitness regimes is difficult especially as a traveling freelancer. Although it is not impossible. By implementing small lifestyle changes, you can achieve big results in finding the wellness practices that fit into your life.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)

Damn I’m Depressed

I have always considered myself to be a pretty happy person. As a child, I was always able to find the bright side of any situation that was keeping me down.

As I got older it seemed my mood and emotions were not my own anymore, I couldn’t find it within myself to be happy anymore.

My junior year of undergrad is when my issues came to a head. My parents split, my grandmother died, school was a struggle, and I was socially ousted by a group I thought were friends and sisters

The circumstances were dim but my best friend Harrison who encouraged me to seek help and fight to see the good in life again. I had never been to a therapist before, I was ignorant to why I would need one and how much it could help me. My university offered free sessions to students, so I signed up with a little push from Harry and my world was opened up. I had no idea I could feel a release from the burden of constantly having to appear strong and put together. I had been broke in a lot of ways but I started to piece my life back together and make it my own again.

When Harrison died, my world crumbled again. The first couple of months I cried every hour, I didn’t eat, my body hurt, my heart ached, and I was having severe panic attacks every day. The pain I experienced was like none I’d ever been through before. I couldn’t see the purpose or joy in life anymore.

Depression is weird. That’s an astute observation I know but I’m not speaking to rocket scientists here, (although some of you may be) I’m speaking to regular people who are processing trauma and coping. Depression for me meant losing the colors in my life. I was born an artistic soul with an imaginative mind. When I tasted a sweet for the first time pink stars danced behind my eyes as a savored my treat. Every monumental life juncture had been associated with a color after Harrison died there were none. I had danced with depression before but this felt like something else entirely. I never knew I could experience such despair.

I had wrestled with my mom and primary care doctor about seeing a psychiatrist. Although I had seen a therapist in the past, I saw no point in even trying. I had banished myself to a life of grey.

Moved by the symbolism of Harrison’s Birthday; I had gotten the courage to reactivate my Facebook. I read our old messages that were full of encouragement, wisdom, hope, and adoration for each other. Those messages also mapped out our vision of life together and although I had no power over those dreams diminishing. I could still be successful and live out the dreams I had for myself, and he had for me.

Not long after that when I scheduled my first psychiatry appointment and was formally diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I am now coming to grips with the fact that I have depression. Every day is a new battle but I have so guardian angels on my side how could I not win.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)

Here’s where it starts: My first class as a Zumba Instructor

My first time teaching Zumba was a great experience for me as a new fitness instructor. Our company received an opportunity to teach in-store demo classes at a popular women’s athletic wear store every Sunday in May. We choose to alternate our signature Core Conditioning class with Zumba. Our Core Conditioning class is a high-intensity interval workout that infuses cardio, kickboxing and strength training. Although, technically the fitness aspect of our company wasn’t my responsibility, mom was not a dancer, so I took over the Zumba training.

I actually completed my B1 instructor course the day before I had to teach. Although, I had put together a routine myself through countless hours of watching others on YouTube, I was unsure if my choreography would be okay. However, it fit the Zumba formula and required only minor tweaks.

The day of the actual class I was anxious. At the time I was a preschool gymnastics instructor, so I was sure no matter how large the mistake it still will not be taunted or laughed at in the uniquely harsh way that toddlers do. I had done my studying and time after time each instructor suggested that relaxation, practice and knowing your music was the key to a successful first class.

There were aspects of the class that were going to be outside of my control, but I guaranteed my attendees a good class by following these tips.

  • Focus on giving your best first impression by looking good. I made sure to wear athletic apparel that was flattering and nonbinding.
  • Talk to everyone that shows up for the class. Establishing a relationship with everyone who came to the class helped everyone be familiar with me as an instructor. It also gave them permission to let loose and make the class fun without worrying about being self-conscious.
  • Smile endlessly through each routine. Land a routine, smile. Misstep, smile. Can’t catch your breath, smile some more.

By completing these tasks before starting my routines I was able to instill confidence in my class and show credibility as a seasoned instructor. I soon found that as I started to warm-up, muscle memory kicked in. I didn’t even have to think of what move came next and by the end of the class everyone was exhausted but raved about my routines.

Completing my first Zumba class made me excited to host more Zumba parties in the future.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)